Question: Why are your products cheaper than in real stores
and other online stores?

Answer: We save a lot due to the fact that we don't
need expensive premises in the sales area, as well as
employees who lay out the goods or work at the
cash register with the customer.

Question: Your products are sold at very low prices, are they
really original?

Answer: Yes, all our products are original.
We have been working with our suppliers for a long time,
we change them a lot, so it is not possible to purchase risky
non-original goods.

Question: Do you offer a wide range of perfumes,
skin and hair care products with a delivery time
of 5-12 working days? Maybe it is possible to find
out more precisely how long it would take to
receive the product?


Answer: In this way, we offer to purchase a
number of goods at a significantly better price
directly from the supplier's warehouse, because we
do not need to buy and store goods,
thus not freezing the company's warehouse and funds.
Delivery of goods is specified in 5-12 working
days, because we do not order goods every day, we
usually order goods from suppliers once or several
times a week. It takes us about 6 working days to
download the goods and then we send them to You.