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www.dolce-shop.eu has been a successful online perfume and perfumery store for many years. Starting in 2016 with just a few names of perfume types, today we can offer our customers even up to 10,000 brand names.


We offer buyers only 100% ORIGINAL products!!!


In our work, great attention is paid to prompt and high-quality customer service, the goods we have in stock will be delivered to you within a few working days. Of course, we also want to offer you the best possible price and the largest selection of products. Buyers have a great opportunity to choose goods that we will be able to deliver to you directly from our wholesalers' warehouses. Delivery takes 1-6 working days. Items with longer delivery times are subject to minimal markups and are often slightly cheaper than what we have in stock. Shop a wide selection of products at "super low" prices,


We want you to be satisfied with shopping in our store, so if you have any questions, write to us. We will gladly accept your order by e-mail. by email 


We wish you pleasant shopping in our store




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